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Web site promotion
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or, 'now that I have a site,
why don't customers visit it?'


Once web sites are ready to 'go live' to the outside world, many people think that this is the end of the story. Unfortunately, there are now so many sites on the Internet that you have to compete for a place on the search engines.

The first stage is to register you site, which we carry out as part of our standard procedure with any site of four or more pages. However, to register pages on search engines is not enough to make them consistently appear within customer searches and does not even guarantee that they will be 'picked up' by the search engine at all. Luckily, help is at hand!

Part of our service is to provide customers with pages which are tailored to search engines in order to assist in better ranking of their sites. To do this we carry out a thorough key word analysis and produce a key word list which is most appropriate for attracting relevant customers to your site when they use a search engine. Pages specifically aimed at individual search engines are then produced, based around a few of the most relevant key words provided.

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