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Commercial (entry level) and private use

Although many 'free' web space and email facilities exist, for companies serious about their Internet marketing, we would advise going for at least the entry level package below. This offers unlimited web space and email addresses (useful for promotions, etc.) and other facilities which will enable you to make best use of the Internet.

Internet Account (single dial-up)
Please note that although this account can be used for network access to the Internet, we do not support this.

Package Features
# An account with one of the UKs top ISPs
# Free .co.uk domain name .com have a small surcharge
# Unlimited email addresses - you can have one for each person in the company and one for each event you hold, etc.
# Unlimited Web Space - No limit to development of your site Many ISPs impose limits on your web space
# Fax-to-Email - receive faxes from your own dedicated fax number, which you can publicise, sent free of charge to the email address of your choice. This service uses an 0870 number, charged to the callers' telephone bill at National Rates, and can be used in addition to your existing fax facility.
# Free Web Site statistics - discover which parts of your web site are popular
# CGI & ASP script server - for form use, on-line stock availability, etc.

Single dial up account @ 9.99 per month (min contract period 2 years, paid annually in advance) 119.88

Note: all prices exclude VAT.



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