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Company History
Future Computer Services Ltd started in 1996 in selling cheap computers into education and small business computers. FCS became an agency for several Educational web based developments including Millennium Schools and Argosphere.

Update 22.6.16

This site is currently going through a total redevelopment, which should be complete within the next few weeks. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Until now, it's been left as a relic of 1999, as I didn't have the heart to change it since then, it being the first site we did. However, as people seem to still find the site, we're doing the honourable thing and redeveloping. :-)

Products and services
Aspects of the company include web site design, network cabling, school furniture, affordable computer supply, (which used to include Acorn computer supply - second hand computer and laptops), PAT testing and new computer and software supply and installation.

Continuing to expand our services
We continue to strive to provide a good all round product portfolio. Our web site design portfolio recently expanded to include specialist graphic designers and as such we are now offering complete design services, including logo design, letterheads, business cards. We can now cater for every aspect of design from web site templates through to corporate image and shop fronts.

This includes sites that are mobile ready as standard, and caters for sites from services, products and trades such as floor sanding, to e-commerce. We can take exisiting layouts, such as this from and turn them into mobile ready versions. Alternatively, we can use original designs, like this corporate photography website, Richard Keil Photography . which uses the content management system to show client photographs, including PR and corporate / architectural photography as examples of their photographic work

In addition, we are now developing a large retail affiliate section dealing with gifts and we will be redeveloping our computer supply side within 2014 and beyond, as the changing face of computers increases in its diversity. Computers are now becoming cheaper, whilst still increasing in speed year after year, so that the future of computers is becoming increasingly interesting.

How we have developed
Over the past few years, the main thrust of the company has been towards web site design rather that selling computer equipment to businesses.

The school furniture division, network cabling, testing and computer supply are now handled by specialist staff and the web site design and hosting have become the mainstay of the company, with a specialist web site being set up to cover each aspect of the company product portfolio.

Specialist staff for each job type
With such a broad range of activities and to avoid being Jack of all trades and master of none, we now employ specialists for individual projects. This means that you are dealt with by dedicated network cabling and configuration specialists for your IT needs or for computer equipment, by a well versed computer technician, using staff to deal specifically and a dedicated PAT testing engineer for electrical safety testing.

The web site design is project managed by the original staff at Future Computer Services and we have a wealth of technical backup with over thirty programmers available to us for database driven web sites and two specialist graphic designers contracted in to deal with individual customer requirements.

Individual treatment
Although there are a wide range of potential staff that you may deal with for different aspects of your business, our Director is always your main liaison for central issues or customer services.

This individual treatment means that you will always be able to speak with the top management of the company should you feel the need.

Website Translation services
Our web site services now include a specialist company for web site translation services in over a dozen mainstream languages, such as French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese and many others.

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