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Web site promotion

Website promotion began for us a few years ago with the advent of our first
website client who we very quickly found believed that he should be getting
huge amounts of business from his website just because it is there. Because
we had designed his site he felt that part of this was to bring him vast
amounts of visitors also and we were forced to respond to this in an attempt
to cater for his needs. Very quickly we learnt to distinguish between a
website design job and website promo and this is an important lesson for
anyone who is going down this path who particularly cares about (or needs)
visitors to his website.

The first thing to remember about websites is that there are an awful lot of
them out there. Take any typical search term and look at the number of
potential web pages that match your term and you will often find many
thousands if not millions of pages listed. Google (one of the popular
engines) searches a database of over two billion pages to bring you results.

I wont go into statistics here but suffice it to say that unless your
website is in the top thirty results, visitors are going to be few and far
between if you rely upon search engines to serve your site to a potential
customer or visitor. Indeed if you really want visitors to get to your site
by using a search engine then you really have to be in the top ten results
for a particular search to gain meaningful numbers.

Is website promo worth it?
A website can produce real, quality leads for your business and should not
be ignored. Correctly promoting the site brings you visitors who would not
normally have seen your company and more importantly are actively searching
you out to buy your product or service. Not only that but often once you
are getting visitors the numbers will stabilise and you have an ongoing
largely free promo of your company.

Bulk e-mail notifications!
Many of you will find huge amounts of e-mails falling into your in tray.
These are generally unsolicited, although many claim to have been because
you subscribed to a mailing list (probably in the hope that you wont
remember not doing so!). What do you do with these? Well if you are like
me it gets deleted the moment I see the title in most cases and unless I see
that someone has spent some time personally on the e-mail I treat it like
the junk mail coming through the front door and recycle it.

A simple rule I use about bulk unsolicited e-mail is NOT TO DO IT. It is
annoying and is a very hit and miss way of creating customers. You are
missing the beauty of the web if you carry out such a process because there
are millions of people out there trying to find your site and all you have
to do is give them a path to it. If you send spam you are largely wasting
your time.

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